"The Charter of European Planning" - ECTP-CEU / 2013

Bibliografia Documento the Charter of European Planning 2013

Approved by the General assembly of Barcelona the 22th april 2013 - Barcelona 2013  - The Vision for Cities and Regions - Territoires of Europe in the 21st Century ECTP-CEU (The European Council of Spatial Planners - le Conseil Européen des Urbanistes)
"The Charter of European Planning"


"The call to action
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The Charter
7. In order to provide a basis for implementing this agenda, the ECTP-CEU has prepared this Charter of European
Planning. This Charter builds on the 2003 New Charter of Athens and identifies the specific characteristics of the planning discipline and its potential. It seeks to reinforce confidence, cohesion and solidarity in the practice of Spatial Planning.
8. Part A of this Charter of European Planning presents a Vision for the future of European cities and regions (territoires) in response to the challenges that Europe faces. This is a Vision of a network of cities and regions (territoires) which will:
  • contribute to the well-being and quality of life of their inhabitants and other stakeholders;
  • retain the cultural richness and diversity, inherited from long histories;
  • become more closely connected through a wide range of functional, social and cultural linkages;
  • be increasingly competitive whilst striving for complementarity and co-operation; and integrate the man-made environment with the natural ecosystems, while preserving biodiversity, and taking into account the need to tackle climate change.

9. Part B of the Charter of European Planning sets out the Roles for Spatial Planning and planners in delivering the Vision in light of the key global challenges that Europe faces. There are long established core principles of planning which remain as valid today as they ever were. However they have been reinforced in this Charter to reflect the new issues and the new policy foci that are emerging in the first quarter of the 21st Century.

10. Part C of the Charter of European Planning sets out the Commitments that the planners of Europe have for implementing the Vision set out in Part A. The planning profession is united through these commitments in order to promote professional standards and a shared agenda for all communities."